Still the same.

2 min readNov 18, 2021

’Cause in this city’s barren cold
I still remember the first fall of snow
And how it glistened as it fell
I remember it all too well
-Taylor Swift

November has now unwrapped herself and let her cold winds out. I love winters because in winters I can wrap myself into long shawls and thick coats and become invisible for a while. I love the long nights of winter but the short days always make me feel like I’m running out of time.
For some reason, despite the long nights, the sleep deprivation still exists.

Novembers are the time when you reflect on the past and wonder if you should carry the nostalgia within you, or if you should move on and wait for future to unwrap itself to you.

You’re still the same. Still exactly like the nostalgic version of you that I hold in my subconscious self. You’re the still the person that would know all the random facts of the world. It’s funny how you were the first one to teach me the meaning of the most foul word. I’m still keeping it a secret.
But are you still the same person who would stand up by my side when the world gives up on me? Are you still the same little person who would make plans with me to save me from the wolves?

If you’re wondering if I’m same since the last time you saw me. Know that I’m still the same. I still carry the child that I was within me and I still come back home wanting to watch Ice Age. If you’re wondering who’s my favorite character? It’s Sid the Sloth. I’ve been told I greatly resemble him. But my friend we’ve lived a great deal of sorrow too. So when you do approach me, don’t look for your nostalgic past in me. Instead, take me as I am.

I don’t need you to save me from wolves this time. I would do it myself. But would you have enough patience to stand with me through it?

If we cannot take each other for what we really are then lets stay in each others nostalgia and not cross each others path again. But if you do wish to walk a shared path, know that I have bruises that did not occur from playing.