You my friend remind me of myself. The first time you acknowledged my existence you handed a piece of yourself and asked me to hand mine to yours. I feel deeply disconnected from this world of properness. My friend I’m not agreeable to the most. When I pour, I pour my heart out. In this world of Jane Austen’s morals, I find myself aching to be who I am. I’m not graceful. I have no desire to be graceful. Yet since I desire to bring those around me convenience, I strive to be softer and calmer against my will.

One of the first words you shared with me were of how similar we are. Perhaps we are not similar. How am I to know if we are? We’re farther than two poles of earth. Despite being two poles apart, when I see you from afar, I see a reflection of my own soul. You have not made a caricature of yourself like the others. Instead when you speak, you speak your heart out. But is this reflection all that bright?

Do you too go home and wash yourself with cold water so you could wash off all the sadness your eyes hold? Our similarities have made me wonder if you too try to tame yourself into a puppet version of yourself? Do you try to make others hold your strings. Perhaps, we’re not all that similar. Perhaps once again, I’m deeply analyzing everything. Perhaps I should just go and study for my exam.

But friend, are you happy?
Or is November heavy for you too?
I don’t know if we are a reflection of each other, but if we are, let’s promise to breathe once again after letting our sad sighs out. Let’s promise to allow the air to enter our lungs no matter how cold the air is.


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