When the pain finally vanishes, nostalgia hits you. It's such a deceptive thing. Nostalgia does not simply take you back in time but it reinterprets the memories and tells you that all that passed away was better than today. It does not remind you of all the pain. What an odd pill it is. When the side effects have passed, all that's left is a sweet aftertaste.

The end of the winter always seems to bring back the bitter memories. But the nostalgia isn't as bitter as the time you lived through. Its as if you were bitten by snake and barely made it through but once you're out and alive, you can only look back on how beautiful the snake looked up close.

Nostalgia makes you grieve the loss of pain. You write poems about it, and sing “when I did not know no pain” when in all honesty, all you knew was pain. There's nothing as scary as when your mind gets high on nostalgia. You seem to forget why you got off the seesaw of pain. You seem to regret that you ever ran away from the snake.

When the nostalgia hits you, do not feed it. Do not tell yourself that the most awful thing you ever did was leave what was once hurting you. Do not let yourself believe that there was no pain because in truth, all there ever was, was pain. Do not grieve the poison that is gone. The past never tasted like Sunday morning brunch of Paratha and Chai.



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